Formerly known as Val-Comeau Provincial Park, it's located approx 4 km before Tracadie-Sheila along route 11.
The Park is nestled by the other and is known for its picturesque sunrises & sunsets.

With the camping spaces having lots of room,it's certainly an ideal spot for rest and relaxation.

Located ar 4 km from Tracadie-Sheila along route 11. The Park is located at the embouchure of thr Tracadie river and St-Laurent gulf.

This campground is active and id ideally nestling at the crossing the Tracadie river and St-Laurent gulf and with 2 km of sandy beach protected by splendid dunes.

This campground with his 190 camping sites near the beach accessible by a paved side walk offering excellent possibilities to walk in the nature, make a picnic, bird watching, making board hiking and deep water fishing with captain Claude.


Water temperature is between 18° et 23° C.